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Edo State Skills Development Agency (EDOJOBS) was setup by the Edo State Government with the mission to ‘’Provide the Supply of, and attract the demand for, highly skilled talent in Edo State’’. From 2016-2020, the Edo State Government, through various partnerships with the private sector, Federal and Multilateral organization has reached over 170,000 beneficiaries through its job creation programs.

teach on mars

Teach on Mars

a Edtech player, is the European leader in optimised training platforms for mobiles (130 major account customers, 1 million users in 95 countries and 24 languages).



publishes and produces blended learning pathways on creative industry occupations for developing countries and is already working in Nigeria.



is a Nigerian media group that publishes some of the country's main TV and radio stations. Today, the group is one of the largest media owners in Nigeria, having established some of the most important stations in the broadcasting industry in Nigeria. It owns 13 very popular radio stations in 3 Nigeria including Cool FM, Wazobia FM, Nigeria Info FM and Arewa Radio. It also owns four television stations including Cool TV and Wazobia TV. Their role is to accompany LAFAAAC to co-produce and co-distribute the digital training courses ordered.



Founded in 2014 by Alain Assouline, WebForce3 is a network of 50 schools in France, Luxembourg and Morocco, which offers short and intensive training courses in digital professions without prerequisite. WebForce3 offers life-long training courses with an innovative methodology and framework. WebForce3 has trained 6000 people. WebForce3 operates and deploys its learning platform WebForceLife.



specialises in the development and operation of mobile applications and services for smartphones, tablets, boxes, etc. and created SUMMVIEW Technologies Ltd in 2019 in Nigeria.



is a European consulting company, a leader in innovation consulting and financing. They will support us with the project coordination. It provides support services to private and public organisations in subsidies and incentives identification for investments and innovation projects.



is a consultancy and evaluation firm specialized in social impact, defined as the changes generated by an action in response to societal needs. KiMSO's objective is to accompany the project by helping us to measure, increase and value the social impact of our project, especially for the beneficiaries. The company will mobilise qualitative and quantitative methods to understand and measure the changes produced by the actions carried out. Moreover, its intervention also includes a strategic analysis dimension to highlight the levers that will enable this impact to be multiplied.

Project Timeline

Startup Report

Present a summary of the conditions for starting the project and mobilising experts.
● This report will include a presentation of the environmental impact assessment framework.
● Finally, it will be the occasion to validate the planning.

December 2020

Interim Report

Progress of the project from a technical and financial point of view.
● Deployment of the LMS and the mobile application, the identified needs of EdoJobs and the scope of the Edo Academy website and training packages.
● The three training packages to be produced will be specified according to the needs identified and the progress made on the production of the training courses and the teaching methods envisaged.
● Take stock of any difficulties encountered, any notable events for the project.
● Present the intermediate results of the impact study.
● Summarise the next stages of the project with the associated timetable.

June 30 2021

Final Report

● Present the technical and financial results of the project.
● Present statistical data related to the use of the solution and an analysis of feedbacks based on the first two training packages.
● Present the complete results of the impact study.
● Present what has been achieved regarding the transfer of skills and the maintenance of the solution's monitoring.
● Present the new projects in endorsement of the FASEP project including recommendations for the courses to be produced in CCI and the pedagogical modalities to be implemented for the other trades/sectors.

June 30 2022


Through Edojobs, the government of Edo State aims to create 200,000 jobs for its youth especially in the media and audiovisual sector, building on the dynamism of the national film industry.

At the end of the 24-month project, Teach on Mars and its partners aim at building an online training platform and supply it with three training content corresponding to about fifteen job profiles in the creative industries.

The goal is to train 1000 to 3000 young people per year through this platform. Additional training will be provided through virtual and face-to-face classes organized in collaboration with local partners (EdoJobs, Wazobia etc.).


Through EdoJobs, the Edo State Government is pursuing a proactive policy of attracting talent and creating jobs in the media and audio-visual sector in order to contribute to the national dynamism of this sector. In the long term and within 3 years, EdoJobs wishes to accompany at least 3,000 young people per year towards the creative industries. It is in this context that EdoJobs wishes to modernise its training offer and be supported in deploying innovative solutions, particularly digital solutions, in the creative industries sector. It has a strong interest in a pedagogy based on hybrid training courses (combining digital and face-to-face training) that are short, impactful and professional.

Project beneficiaries

The Edojobs Skillup training will create many positive outcomes for the trainees in terms of knowledge, skills development, professional insertion, confidence, empowerment.
These trainings goal is to develop trainees' skills :

Help them to define a coherent professional project : Grow a professional network : And be able to make a living from his/her talent :

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